Translation of Industrial Property texts

Artifact Translations specializes in translating patents, trademarks and industrial designs.

Thousands of patents and trademarks are registered every year, Translating the documents related to these records is an essential requirement for their international validation.

Artifact Translations represents specialization, confidentiality, thoroughness and quality in translation services.

When in 2009 Pilar Sánchez founded Artifact Translations, her goal was to offer her clients the expertise of her 14 years’ experience in the translation, drafting and management of patents, utility models, trademarks and industrial designs for an international industrial property agency.


Translation of Patent Specifications (Description and

● Translation of International Search Reports.
● Translation of Written Opinions of patent examiners.
● Translation of Technical Report or Expert Report.
● Translation of Communications and Notifications issued by patent offices.
● Translation of Replies, Petitions and Applications addressed to
● Translation and layout of Patent Figures.
● Translation of License Agreements and Assignments of patent rights.


● Translation of Trademark Registration Applications.
● Translation of Notices of opposition and Administrative Appeals in trademark registration processes.
● Translation of Communications and Notifications issued by trademark offices.
● Translation of Statements of Grounds and Allegations for the response to notices to remedy deficiencies,  oppositions and appeals in proceedings.
● Translation of trademark Assignment and Licensing agreements.

We specialize in translating Industrial Property documents.

The experts at Artifact Translations are committed to accurate, confidential and meticulous translations of the industrial texts we work with. This is possible thanks to our professionals’ specific expertise and experience in different technical fields.

At Artifact Translations we understand our clients’ main concerns. For this reason, we always respect closed delivery deadlines. No delays or excuses. Furthermore, we stick to the initial budget based on the exact number of words of the original text that we have to translate. This is a guarantee to our clients. In addition, our translators are not only native or perfectly fluent in the language, but they also have specific training that they apply to their translations.

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