Translation of legal documents

Expertise in European and international industrial property law is vital for optimal legal translations

Legal texts require the translator to have a thorough knowledge of the terms used in the legislation of each country and their equivalents, as well as the structure of legal documents.

● Translation of legal documents.
● Translation of claims.
● Translation of judgments.
● Translation of summons.
● Translation of proceedings.
● Translation of correspondence.

The translation of legal texts entails an extra complication. Knowledge of European legislation and its corresponding equivalents is essential. For this reason, if you need to translate claims, judgments or any other legal document, at Artifact Translations we have translators with anextensive experience in legal matters. This way, we guarantee not only that the translation is faithful to the original text, but also that it is in line with the legislation of the destination country.

One of the main challenges of translating legal texts is accuracy. Any ambiguity or error can have serious legal consequences. For this reason, our translators are up to date with amendments and updates to laws, both domestic and international.

In addition to the precision, coherence is another crucial aspect in the translation of legal texts. Legal terms and concepts must be translated clearly and, when necessary, adapted to the legal system of the corresponding country. This ensures that the translated text is understandable and usable for lawyers, judges and any party involved in the legal process.

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