Translation software packages are specialized programs to facilitate the translation of documents for professionals.. Their use allows for better quality work while increasing productivity.. When a professional uses these technological tools, they performs what is known as Computer Assisted Translation, CAT, improving accuracy, saving time, and delivering better translations..   It is importa

Hundreds of thousands of patents are applied for every year, and their translation is an essential requirement forvalidation at an international level.. Nonetheless, there are very few translators who specialize in this field. The reason may be the difficulty that the translation of this type of text entails.. When applying for a patent at international […]

Whatever type of document you need to translate, it is essential to choose a specialized translator with experience in the subject matter and language of the text. In today’s globalized world, we need to translate legal and commercial texts, to name but a few, referring to a wide variety of topics and specialties. The list […]


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